In parallel with its radio communications business, AOR has been worldwide distributor of leading Japanese quartz crystal device manufacturers for over 3 decades. AOR proposes and sources crystal products for unique and specific customer requirements within a wide range of industry applications. These include: GPS, Wireless Networks, ZigBee, Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM, Telecom, Radio and Microwave.


We are an authority on Radio Communications. - AOR knows and understands electronics engineer’s mind and mentality throughout design phase. Our design and manufacturing experience in Radio Communications could be immeasurable asset to your customer when selecting quartz crystal devices in complex circuitry, or specify right components.

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JAPANESE Quality and Innovation- AOR sources and deal with only Japanese manufactures with highly commitment and assurance in quality backed up proven QMS approaches such as Six-Sigma and MAIC processes etc.

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Service is important as quality is, you must also have your crystals and oscillators when YOU need them. Our normal delivery is just three to four weeks, and when that isn't soon enough, we offer emergency service: one week, three days, or even 24-hour service.

Competitive pricing - By optimizing years of experiences in dealing with many leading manufacturers and suppliers, AOR are able to market advanced products at very competitive prices.

Founded in 1978, AOR has become a leading supplier of frequency control products to the electronics industry. AOR provides unparalleled quality coupled with unwavering customer service. In addition AOR offers complete engineering support and design of innovative products to their OEM customers and distributors worldwide. Complete information on corporate operations or any of AOR frequency control devices can be obtained by calling (+81) 3-3865-1696 or by Email at mail

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