AOR, the authority on radio communications

AOR, LTD. is a company located in Tokyo, Japan, and is a fabless manufacturer of wireless communication products. Since AOR's establishment in 1978, we have had a long record as a leading manufacturer of communications receivers for amateur and professional users.

Made in Japan quality

AOR is a rare example of an electronics manufacturer that has not shifted production to lower cost countries, but kept its production base 100% in Japan. All subcontractors and PCBAs are located in Japan with appropriate quality management system namely ISO-9000 or widely accredited higher quality management systems.

Creator of "Industry's First" Products

In the 70s 80s and 90s AOR successfully developed many , 80s, "Industry's First" products as seen in the IMAGE GALLERY in this web-site.


  • World's first fully synthesized 2m (144MHz) HAM radio hand-held transceiver.
  • World's first fully synthesized palm-size VHF monitor receiver.
  • World's first fully synthesized Int'l marina band handheld transceiver.
  • World's first fully synthesized Air-band handheld transceiver.
  • World's first fully synthesized continuous coverage scanner receiver.
  • World's first super-wide band continuous coverage communications receiver.

Legendary Top Performance, AR5000 communications Receiver