Corporate name AOR, LTD.
Date founded July 10, 1978
Address 2-6-4 Misuji, Taito-ku, 111-0055 Tokyo, Japan
President Shigeru Takano, president and CEO
Paid-in capital 10,000,000 Yen
No of employees 17
Main banks Mizuho Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Mitsubishi-Tokyo, UFJ Bank
Business activities Design, development and manufacturing of
communications equipment and wireless products.
Import and sales of meteorological observation
equipment, quartz crystal units and oscillators.

Origin of corporate name

The founder and president of AOR, LTD., Shigeru Takano, received his
amateur radio call sign JA1AOR. This is how later the name "AOR" (Authority
On Radio communications) was created.
AOR Head office building


1978 AOR, Ltd. is established
1978 AOR's first 144MHz amateur radio hand held transceiver.
1979 Start of OEM supply for Henry Radio in the U.S.A .
1983 TR-720 : World's first fully synthesized handheld air-band transceiver.
1984 AR2001 : World's first continuous coverage (25-550MHz) scanner receiver.
1985 Moved to AOR's own building at present location.
1985 DAVIS weather instruments sales started.
1989 AR3000A: World famous wide band communications receiver.
1990 AOR UK established in Derbyshire, UK.
1994 AR5000 flagship wide band receiver is announced.
1998 AOR USA, INC established in Torrance, USA.
2001 AOR Kyushu R&D Center established.
2003 SDU5600: 10MHz wide spectrum display with FFT technology
2004 ARD series of APCO25 decoder and digital voice & data modems
2004 SR2000: 10MHz wide FFT spectrum display with integrated VHF/UHF receiver
2007 AR-ALPHA: AOR's new flag ship wide band receiver with 1GHz wide FFT spectrum and 1MHz IQ.
2007 Security related devices presented at RISCON (Security & Safety trade) exhibition in Tokyo.
2007 Import and sales of DAVIS eco-drive car chips.
2008 Microtelecom direct sampling SDR sales started in Japan.
AR-STV Wireless Camera Detector.
2010 AR2300/5001D Professional wide band receivers with high IF linearity, I/Q digital output and LAN/Internet remote control.
2013 AOR’s first 6GHz high-end receiver AR6000!
Receivers dedicated to Japanese Fire Rescue digital transmissions.
2014 ARD300: World’s first multi-mode digital voice decoder box for analog receivers!. Decodes DMR, dPMR, D-Star, P25, NXDN, Alinco Digital, Yaesu Digital, Digital CR.
RF-6G: System integrator oriented super wide-band RF TUNER for high-end signal interception systems.
2015 AR-DV1: World’s first SDR receiver to decode all popular digital modes (DMR, dPMR, D-Star, P25, NXDN, Alinco Digital, Yaesu Digital, D-CR)
2016 Japanese Governmental versions of AR5001D and AR6000-DS with advanced digital signal decoding and data signal logging.
2018 AR-DV10: Hand-held version of the ground breaking AR-DV1. World’s first wide-band hand-held receiver with optional COSPAS-SARSAT distress beacon decoder!
Addition of traffic channel decode of trunked TETRA networks to AR-DV1.
2019 Addition of traffic channel decode of trunked TETRA networks to AR-DV10.

Sole agent and sales agency for Japan

Hayward, California USA
Weather Instruments and
Eco-drive support loggers
Microtelecom, s.r.l.
Udine, ITARY
Direct sampling HF receiver and
High-frequency testing equipment