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AR-DV1 100kHz-1300MHz, SDR Digital Voice Receiver, Mobile Type (3.5MB)
Ditto-                     (823kB- Low Resolution)    
AR-DV10 100kHz-1300MHz, Digital Receiver, Handheld Type (2.1MB)
AR2300 40kHz-3150MHz, Digitally Processed Professional Grade, Black-Box (1.76MB)
[NEW] AR2300 I/Q Special Edition 40kHz-3150MHz, An Enhanced Version of AR2300 Black-Box Receiver (4.3MB)
AR5001D 40kHz-3150MHz, Professional Grade Communications Receiver (604kB)
AR5700D 9kHz-3.7GHz Digital Communications Receiver (2.4MB)
AR6000 9kHz - 6GHz, Super Wide-band Multi-mode Receiver (2.1MB)
AR-IQ AR-ALPHA Digital I/Q Professing software (1.7MB)
AR-ONE 10kHz-3300MHz, Professional Grade, Base / Mobile Type (166kB)
AR-ONE-C AR-ONE, frequency coherent version (517kB)

AOR Accessory table (41kB)

RF Front-end

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[Updated] RF-6G 500kHz - 6GHz, RF FRONT-END (241kB)


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[NEW] DA1500 70MHz-1500MHz Receive only compact discone antenna (370kB)
DA3200 25MHz-3000MHz, Receive only, wideband discone antenna (2.29MB)
DA6000 700MHz-6GHz, Commercial Grade discone antenna (1MB)
MA500 25MHz-1300MHz, Receive only, Magnetic-mount mobile whip antenna (184kB)
SA7000 30kHz-2000MHz, Receive only, Wideband whip antenna (149kB)


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ABF128 108MHz-136MHz Band-Pass-Filter for air-band monitoring (131kB)
ABF128-SMA 108MHz-136MHz Band-Pass-Filter for air-band monitoring (286kB)
LN4000 100MHz-3000MHz, Wideband Low-Noise-Amplifier for receivers (163kB)
MC-600 10kHz-30MHz, Impedance matching transformer for antique receivers (161kB)
GT-1 40kHz-30MHz, Galvanic isolation transformer (606kB)
[Updated] AS5001 Antenna Selector for AR5000, AR-ALPHA, AR5001D (serial # dependant), AR6000 (serial # dependant) (253kB)
[NEW] AS5700 Antenna Selector for AR5700, AR5001D (serial # dependant), AR6000 (serial # dependant) (256kB)
GP5001 GPS option for AR2300/AR5001D (391kB)
ARL2300 Ethernet Controller option for AR2300/AR5001D/AR6000/AR5700D receivers (568kB)
CT8200, EM8200, TE8200, VI8200, RU8200 AR8200 Options Brochure (398kB)
LA400-RCK Extension cables for LA400 (193kB)


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Multi-digital voice decoder for DMR, dPMR, D-Star, P25, NXDN, Yaesu & Alinco digital and D-CR
  (English)   (741kB)
    (Italian)     (459kB)
ARD9800 Digital voice, image and data modem for HF analogue transceivers(92kB)
ARD9900 ARD9800 with data encyption version (363kB)


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TFX-03 Ultra Small tuning fork crystal (157kB)
TFX-02 Miniature tuning fork crystal (158kB)
ACU3225 Low Profile SMD Crystal (204kB)
ACU5032 5x3.2mm Low Cost SMD Crystal (210kB)
ACU6035 6x3.5mm Classic Package SMD Crystal (268kB)
ACU7050 7x5.0mm Classic Package SMD Crystal (504kB)
ACF7050 7.2x5mm SMD Monolithic Crystal Filter (443kB)
METAL CAN Through-hole type Monolithic Crystal Filter (753kB)
AHCO7050 High Frequency (Up to 220MHz) SMD Oscillator (107kB)
CONVENTIONAL Conventional Metal Can Crystal Unit (2.88MB)