If your browser does not allow download of the firmware file format (xxxx.D10) then download the zipped version and extract the firmware file afterwards.

Please refer to your operating manual chapter 13 “Firmware update” for complete instructions on how to *safely* update the firmware of your receiver.

If you want to report a bug, kindly send your receiver's system and memory data (see manual chapter 12)
to with the subject: AR-DV10 bug report.
Please describe in detail under which condition the problem appears. LCD screenshots or a short video
may also be very helpful. Thanks!

Products Version Last Update File Zipped File
AR-DV10 AR-DV10 Receiver Firmware Version 1805A Update May 8, 2018 Download: (860kB) .D10 Download: (516kB) .ZIP

Firmware version history:

1805A 2018/05/08
Feature improvements:
- When backlight is set to AUTO, when squelch opens, the backlight is activated for 5 seconds.
- Audio normalization for all digital modes, to reduce level differences between modes.
- Digital signal info display (DIGI DISP) now set to ON by default.
- STEP ADJUST can now be set in the EDIT and OPT pages.
- FREQ.STEP now adjustable for AUT1 (digital-auto) mode.
- During MEMCH, SEARCH and SCAN, the bank can now be changed on the fly with the arrow keys.
- D-CR (NXDN) scramble code now displaying when found. Also works during SEARCH and SCAN.
- Receiver sensitivity improved during MEMCH, SCAN and SEARCH.
- Default STEP size for D-STAR, YAESU and ALINCO changed from 20kHz to 10kHz.

Bug fixes:
- Popping sound heard through headphones when squelch opens/closes, has been greatly reduced.
- Powering ON with earphones plugged-in resulted in the receiver not recognizing they were plugged-in.
- MEMCH EDIT and MEMCH REG pages content would sometimes not be saved.
- Incorrect mapping of the > key in the EDIT page.
- Clicking sound was audible when pushing the SQL button.
- In NXDN (D-CR) and T-DM modes, preset IFBW values changed to incorrect values after frequency input.
- SQL SKIP was not functioning.
- Some signals were missed during SEARCH and SCAN.
- Numerous other minor bug fixes.

AR-DV10 AR-DV10 Receiver Firmware Version 1803D April 25, 2018    

First release.