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SDR Digital Voice Receiver
Mototrbo TM, DMR TM, dPMR TM, APCO 25, NXDN TM, Icom D-Star TM, Digital CR, Yaesu, Kenwood ® and Alinco EJ-47U.
AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver

We support more digital modes then any other manufacuture/model!


2017.09.08 As you know we had our exhibition at HAMFAIR 2017 in Tokyo on Sept.2nd and 3rd, where we presented 3 new products to come for 2017-2018.
This year’s Hamfair was particularly popular as the official number of visitors was 36,000 for two days! That was a very successful show for AOR where our team had the opportunity to present exciting new receivers, and share opinion and ideas with many radio enthusiasts and communication professionals from all around the world.
Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate the event.
2017.09.02 Here is a teaser on the new products for 2017-2018 which will be presented at the HAMFAIR taking place today and tomorrow. Please note that these products are still under development, therefore the exact release dates will be announced at a later time.
New products teaser pdf.
2017.08.28 As every year we are pleased to exhibit at the HAMFAIR in Tokyo-Japan, which will take place on September 2nd and 3rd. This year we are particularly excited as we are celebrating our 40th anniversay! Please come to visit us for new product presentations!
Location: Booth B-06 at TOKYO BIG SIGHT.
HAMFAIR website (Japanese):
Access info in English:
2016.09.29 TETRA decoding for AR-DV1! We are very exited to release today a new firmware upgrade for AR-DV1 which will enhance it with TETRA (“Direct mode”) signals decoding! For details please check the release notes at
2017.05.24 Undocumented features for AR-DV1!
Our “advanced users” will be interested in the following two features of the AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver! NXDN DESCRAMBLE and DISCRIMINATOR DIRECT RECORDING on SD.
2016.09.29 TETRA decoding for AR-DV1! We are very exited to release today a new firmware upgrade for AR-DV1 which will enhance it with TETRA (“Direct mode”) signals decoding! For details please check the release notes at
2015.07.24 We are proud to announce the worldwide release of the AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver!
It’s the first software defined receiver of its kind to receive and decode virtually ALL popular digital modes.
Mototrbo, DMR, dPMR, APCO 25, NXDN, Icom D-Star, Digital CR, Yaesu, Kenwood and Alinco EJ-47U.
here for details.


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2014.04.04 The Raspberry Pi software package for AR8600MK2 control is ready! (see previous announcement below) For setup instructions, click here. For the software package, click here.
2014.03.31 AOR loves the RASPBERRY PI! Do you own a AR8600MK2 receiver, a Raspberry Pi, and know your way around Linux/Raspbian? Then you are just one step away to connect your trusted legacy receiver to your LAN and the Internet!
We love the Raspberry Pi board for the great possibilities it offers, and just for the sake of experimentation we have created a simple server/client program which allows you to remote control AR8600MK2 through LAN & Internet.
It’s experimental, without official support, it’s fun, but most importantly it’s FREE!
The setup instructions and the necessary data files will be available for download soon!
2014.02.20 radiouser_iconAR8200D, the "ENHANCED" version of the legendary AR8200MK3 hand held receiver, is high-lighted on the cover of the March edition of UK's RADIOUSER magazine!
It features an extensive review by Mike Richard, be sure to check it out!
2013.12.19 AOR is proud to become the international distributor for PTEK LAB's DIGITAL TV SIGNAL ANALIZER!
2013.11.13 ARD300 MULTI-DIGITAL VOICE DECODER now available! Decode dPMR, D-STAR, APCO25, NXDN, Yaesu & Alinco digital, Digital-CR with your analog receiver!
2013.10.22 AOR now member of the dPMR Association! AOR always strives to integrate new technologies in its line-up, in order to enhance the listening experience of our dear customers.
2013.08.08 The new ARD300 MULTI-MODE DECODER is soon to be released! We are very excited about this revolutionary item because it will bring fresh air
and excitement to the hobby listening world!
2013.08.02 We are proud to announce the future release of a totally new and very exciting item in the AOR product range! It's called the USB 3.0 I/Q ADAPTER
and is a 25MHz wide analog IF to digital I/Q converter.
2013.05.29 AR6000 (6GHz) receiver now officially released!
2013.04.19 Some excellent news to spice-up the monitoring world: We are pleased to announce the release of an enhanced version of the best selling
hand-held receiver AR82000MK3 -------> AR8200D!

The new enhanced version offers the following additional features compared to the regular AR8200MK3:
    - APCO25 (P25) decoding (in conventional mode)
    - CTCSS (Tone Squelch) decoding
    - Voice recording on micro SD card (in wav format)
    - USB interface
    - Analog voice scrambler decoder (voice inverter)

For more details, check out the manual for AR8200D!
Refer to the accessory table to see which accessories can and can’t be used with this new version.
2013.02.18 It is with great pride that we announce the coming release of AR6000, our new high-end super wide-band multi-mode receiver,
with frequency coverage from 9kHz to 6GHz!
AR6000 receiver with rack option HRE5001
2013.01.22 We are very pleased to announce the release today of our new OUTDOOR LOOP ANTENNA LA800 (10kHz-500MHz)!
LA800 is a large (80cm loop) outdoor version of LA400.
2012.06.12 NEW PRODUCT! We are very pleased to announce the release of our new MAGNETIC LOOP ANTENNA LA400 (10kHz-500MHz),
successor of the previous LA380 and LA390.
2012.02.24 Important information for AR8200MK3 Handheld receiver customers.
2011.07.22 We are please to announce the release today of the long awaited ARL2300 ETHERNET CONTROLLER option for the AR2300 and AR5001D receivers!
ARL2300 ETHERNET CONTROLLERARL2300 allows remote control and remote listening through LAN and the Internet.
2011.07.22 New Controlsoft version available for AR2300/AR5001D with memory channel bug fixed!
Download at
2011.07.12 Upcoming trade show: Ham Fair 8/27~28 Upcoming trade show:

Catch AOR Ltd. at the JARL HAM FAIR located at Tokyo Big Sight, on August 27-28, 2011.
Look forward to discover and try our new receivers AR2300/AR5001D,
enjoy a live demonstration of the fabulous remote control capabilities
with the ARL2300 LAN BOX, and the Android-Tablet based client ap! (Ap under development).
Check the official Big Sight webpage at
for details on access, accommodation etc...

See you there!
2011.05.30 Control software for AR2300/5001D available for download
2011.05.18 GP5001 GPS option for AR2300/AR5001D released
2011.05.12 AR-STV download utility added
AS5001 Antenna selector unit page added
Receiver accessory table updated
2011.03.15 Massive quake strikes
2011.01.05 Trade show and exhibition schedule for 2011
2010.06.21 Press Release: AR5001D Professional Grade Communications Receiver. 40kHz - 3.15GHz
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